What to Expect During a Divorce

Most people going through a divorce have anxiety of what to expect.  The process is foreign to most people because they have little experience with the courts.

Here are some expectations to keep in mind during your divorce proceedings:

1 – Expect the Court to move in its own way and at its own pace.  It’s not flashy or dramatic as portrayed on television.  The time to set a trial could take several months or even over a year.

2 – Expect that your ex will not be at the same place as you – emotionally, financially, or mentally.  The difference in circumstances can have an effect on decision making.

3 – Expect to feel like you are at a disadvantage – both you and your ex will feel that way at some point during the process.  Partly due to the fact that you may be in different circumstances.

4 – Expect that your ex may not be able to hide his/her contempt for you – and you may not be able to hide it either.

5 – Expect to feel that you’ve failed the marriage and perhaps that you’ve wasted some time in the relationship.  You can also expect to feel loss – you have lost your identity as a married person.

6 – Expect that your children will be impacted by the divorce – it’s an adjustment from one home to two separate households.

7 – Expect to make some mistakes.  What seems important right now may not be so important two months down the road.  Try to remember that the divorce process, as long as it seems, is temporary.


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