Watch Your Language – Man Fined for Profane Message

In Virginia, you better watch your language.

The Richmond Times Dispatch reported that James Berry was fined $250.00 for a profane message he left for Attorney General Mark Herring.  The message contained some threatening language and Capitol Police said it was an “obscene, vulgar message.”  Berry was calling to protest support of same sex marriage, in response to the brief the Attorney General filed earlier this month.

Due to the message, Berry was originally charged under Virginia Code 18.2-427, which makes it a Class 1 misdemeanor to use profanity over “public airways or by other methods.”  The charge was later reduced to the crime of “curse and abuse” under Virginia Code 18.2-416, which makes it illegal to “curse or abuse” another person (a Class 3 misdemeanor).

So next time you are trying to get off the phone with a sales person, or having a fight with your significant other, don’t swear.  You could be fined for it.

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