Tips on Reconnecting with Your Child

Some parents have distant relationships with their children.  Sometimes the distance is caused by alienation, geographic location, parental bickering, or other reasons.  Whatever the reason, it is up to the parent to take the first step to reconnect with the child.

1) Take the initiative.  Some parents are afraid of taking the first step due to fear of rejection. However, the worst thing you can do is to sit back and think the child will come to you when he or she is ready.  As the parent, you have to take the initiative and set an example to reach out first.

2) Set a schedule, stick to it, and be committed to building the relationship.  If you go through court to establish a visitation schedule, be proactive and and prepared before the hearing.  There may be steps before you can have overnights, and it make take some time.  Sticking to the schedule is important – it shows the child and the court that you are committed to having a relationship with your child.  Do whatever you can to rebuild the relationship – it will mean the world to your kid.

3) Focus on the present.  There is no need to rehash past events with your child.  Focus on the present and future.  What activities does your child like? What school projects does he or she have? Who are the teachers? Who are your child’s friends?  Ask questions.  It make take some time, but your kid will appreciate your interest and build confidence in the relationship.

Taking steps to reconnect can be difficult, but they are the most important to your child.

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