The Most Expensive Divorce Ever

A Swiss court ordered Dmitry Rybolovlev to pay $4.5 billion to his wife Elena in their divorce.  Marc Bonnant, attorney for Elena Rybolovlev, stated that it was “the most expensive divorce in history.”

Swiss law requires equal division of money or assets acquired during the marriage.  Dmitry Rybolovlev made most of his money from selling his share of a fertilizer company.  He now owns the French soccer team AS Monaco, and is estimated worth is $8.8 billion according to Forbes magazine.

Lately, he had made several real estate purchases, including a $300 million penthouse in Monaco, a $98 million mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, a $88 million apartment in New York, and the Greek island of Skorpios.

However, the decision is being appealed, and it’s unclear how much money Elena Rybolovlev will be able to collect.  Much of Dmitry Rybolovlev’s money is held in trusts for the couple’s two children, and much of the fortune is held outside Switzerland.

Proof that no one is above the law – at least in divorce cases.

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