Keeping Two Happy Homes – Helpful Apps For Separate Households

With the abundance of applications for smartphones, it only makes sense to utilize some apps to make parenting from two households easier.  Generally, parents who manage themselves well, end up having fewer problems with their children.  Here are a few apps that are helpful for parenting from two different homes:

Our Family Wizard

This application corresponds with the company website, and it was designed for parents who share custody.  You can use this app to share messages, expenses, and updates.  The app includes a calendar, message board, expense log, and journal.  Through this tool, the parents don’t have to use the children as intermediary, which usually makes everyone uncomfortable.

Divorce Log

With this tool, you can keep track of child support payments and visitation times.  The app provides an easy way to record these instances into a calendar that may come in handy if the other parent is not following a court order. You can also configure the app so that it forwards entries to another party, such as your attorney, or guardian ad litem.

Two Happy Homes

This is another application for two parents who are co-parenting their children.  It includes a shared calendar with a notebook, a finance center for expenses, and a shared location for important documents.  It also has a tab for contacts, in which parents can share phone numbers for grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc who may be spending time with the children.


This app states that it is “the clutter free way to save an enjoy your child’s artwork.”  When your child gives you a piece of art he or she made, you can simply snap a photo with your phone and store it.  The tool also allows you to make a book or other keepsake with the artwork you have archived.  Of course, this app is not only for separate households – it’s for any family who wants to keep their child’s art in a digitized format.

Co-parenting can be difficult, but various apps will allow parents to communicate effortlessly.  Additionally, having communication in writing is beneficial in case a disagreement arises.  Using an app or another shared tool will allow parents to keep the friction to a minimum.  If you are parenting in two homes, you should think about using one.

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