I Don’t….. Divorce Parties on the Rise

Divorce rates are high, and so divorce has recently lost its stigma as a failure.  Instead of being embarrassed or devastated, many people are looking at it in a positive light.  Divorce parties are creating the atmosphere of optimism and rebirth – the start of a new life.  As a result, cake makers and event planners have seen a rise in requests for upside down black cakes.

In Iran, divorce parties are also gaining popularity, as the divorce rate in Iran has risen to 20%.  The Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani recently stated that the parties are “satanic” and “poison” for Islamic society.

These parties are touted as a good measure for closure.  However, when there are children involved, divorce doesn’t mean a complete end to the relationship.  Custody, child support, and visitation mean the parents have to see each other on a regular basis. But some assert it’s the beginning of a co-parenting relationship, and the commencement of a new venture.

The parties can be cathartic.  Something to celebrate.  Today’s divorce can mean cake and eating it too.


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