How to Prepare for Online Hearings

With many family court hearings being virtual, there are multiple things to consider before you log on to your court hearing.  Knowing these tips can help you feel more comfortable, and show the Judge that you are prepared.

Dressing the Part

Dress as if you were going into an important court hearing (because you are!) or a business meeting. This seems obvious, but many parties dress too casually for their virtual hearings. Dressing professionally will also help you think professionally, and the Judge will take you more seriously.


If possible, it’s best that you choose a quiet room to participate in your hearing.  Some interruptions are unavoidable, since some children are still attending school from home, but try to limit the noise if possible.  If there is an interruption, turn off your video for a few seconds until that interruption has passed.  Make sure there is enough lighting in the room so the Judge can see you.

Computer etiquette

Log on to the hearing early.  Make sure your microphone and camera are working properly. Have your computer or phone on a stable place, like a table or desk, to avoid it moving around.  If you are not speaking, mute yourself so you will not have background noise.

First impressions count online as much as they do in person. Show the court the respect it deserves by being prepared.  It’s your future at stake. Show that you mean business.