How To Choose a Family Law Attorney

March 5, 2014

For most people, choosing a family law attorney is a daunting task. You are in the midst of a life change and you should choose a lawyer that you and depend on and trust. We have provided some tips on how to choose a family law attorney.

Tip #1: Make sure one of the firm’s primary practice areas is family law. Firms that advertise themselves as experts in many fields are usually not knowledgeable about the complexities of family law.  You should seek an attorney that has a primary practice in family law to ensure the lawyer is up to date about divorce and custody law.

Tip #2: Choose a lawyer that has a history of timely communication.  Communication in a divorce or custody case is crucial, and the attorney should be available by phone or email.  Clients’ primary complaint about family lawyers is the inability to get in touch with them.  Make sure the attorney you are considering has illustrated he or she is prompt in returning phone calls and emails.

Tip #3: Your personality should be compatible with the lawyer’s personality.  When you meet a lawyer, you should feel comfortable with him or her.  Family law cases involve many personal details, both intimate and financial.  You should be able to speak freely with your lawyer without feeling embarrassed or threatened.  A good lawyer will listen to your marital history and make sure to understand your position and goals.

Tip #4: Find a lawyer who is willing to negotiate.  In family cases, there is no winner and loser.  Everyone should be working to come up with the best outcome for the family.  The attorney should make every effort to negotiate and come to a settlement, as well as prepare for trial.

Tip #5: Choose a lawyer who will be practical.  No lawyer should promise you will get everything you want.  The lawyer should be honest in how to distribute the marital assets and keep the best interest of the children in mind.


If you do need a family law attorney, be sure to consider these tips before you sign a retainer agreement.  Be sure you hire the right lawyer from the start to help you present your best case.

3 responses to “How To Choose a Family Law Attorney”

  1. Amanda Drew says:

    I like how you point out that with family law cases, everyone should try to come up with the best outcome for everyone. My ex-husband and I have recently gone through a divorce, and we need to figure out who gets custody of our two kids. I’ll be using your tips to find a good lawyer for me and my kids.

  2. My daughter is looking for a quality family lawyer to help her handle her divorce in the quickest and smoothest way possible for her and her children, so I am glad that I found this article. It is interesting that you say to find a lawyer who specializes in family law because they will have the most knowledge about your case. Also, I will definitely tell my daughter to find a lawyer who is easy to communicate with and answers her questions and concerns.

  3. Jenna Hunter says:

    I appreciate your tip on making sure that you hire a firm that specializes in family law so that you can be sure they are up to date on divorce and custody law. My brother and his wife are separating and might be getting a divorce. I think that he should find a family law attorney to help him out and make sure that he gets what he deserves.

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