During a Divorce: Stay Away From Social Media

If you are involved in a divorce, most lawyers would tell you to stay away from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, etc. The pictures and words you post can affect your case.

Posts that seem harmless may be damaging to your case.  Your spouse’s attorneys may be monitoring your profile.  Specific things to avoid:

1.  Negative posts about your spouse or children.  Obviously anything negative you say will not be viewed in a favorable light.

2.  Photos or updates about your nightlife.  Even if you rarely go out, these photos or updates can be used to portray you as an unfit or irresponsible parent.

3.  Changes in relationship status.  If you have not finalized the divorce, changing your status to single does not put you in a favorable light.  Additionally, if you are contesting the date of separation, the opposing party could use your relationship status to prove the date of separation.

4.  Posts or photos regarding financial information.  Posting about a promotion at work, or a recent trip you have taken can be used to argue that you are hiding assets.

If you are going through a divorce, experienced attorneys can advise you what to avoid on social media.  Khadilkar Law offers services to clients going through divorce in Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia.  Contact us for a consultation.

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