For those who have not heard of it, DivorceHotel is a Netherlands based company for couples looking to have a vacation and divorce at the same time.  The general idea is that instead of worrying about a long drawn out divorce proceeding, couples come to the hotel for the weekend to get divorced, along with spa treatments.

The company partnered with New York resort Gideon Putnam Resort and Spa to open a United States location in September 2014.  The entire package includes separate rooms, a lawyer for each party, a mediator, and a welcome basket including red wine, sparkling water, chocolates, and an information packet.  Some sessions are timed with breaks for walks, massages, and time in the relaxation room.

The goal is to wrap up the process by Sunday and to leave with a binding agreement.  The divorce papers get finalized thereafter.  It’s an interesting process, but we’ll see how much traction it receives in the United States.

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